Where is my order ?

Dear our Valued Customer

We totally understand your expectations.

And we want your package delivered as much as you do.

But we can’t make the package move faster once it’s been handed to the courier.

Our sincerest apologies if the tracking number does not show any progress yet. We are dependent on the update from the carrier. There are also instances that they failed to update it in real-time.

Somehow, tracking information delays updating during the transfer. Tracking information will show more of the update once the package reached the destination countrypassed the customs facility and on its way towards the final destination. 

Unfortunately, due to the Global Pandemic caused by COVID-19. There are flights cancellation and a shortage of workers in destination countries leads to mail backlog at exchanging office so TN stops updating. 

Please keep patiently wait while their packages are still in transit. (avg. 20-30 business days)

You can keep tracking your order here : https://www.chillvibes4yastore.com/order-tracking

I hope to have your sympathy and understanding of this situation. And hope that we will be through this difficult time soon.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards!